AbaClik 3 – more than artificial intelligence

A new level has been reached

Entering expenses, reconciling credit card statements, and entering data to you accounting has never been so simple. All that is required is the AbaClik 3 smartphone app and a data connection to securely digitize and process any type of receipt.

Photograph and analyze

Generate data from documents

Hold your camera over the document – finished! AbaClik 3 uses neural networks to automatically extract relevant information from documents. No more manual data entry and erroneous entries.

SPAR express
Langgasse 41
9008 St.Gallen
Visa Credit card
CHF 79.90
2.50% 0.02 CHF
7.70% 5.66 CHF

The evolution of scanning

Intelligent structuring of your data

Using the state-of-the-art technology, important data such as issuer, date, amount, input tax, and method of payment are automatically recognized. They are also structured on your smartphone and are available for entry and secure storage in the Abacus Business Software or AbaNinja.

The result of years of development

AbaClik 3 never stops learning

AbaClik 3 uses information that is not contained in the documents to continuously improve its analysis. This enables data validation, but also the addition of information such as expense type, account assignment, etc., which is crucial for automated entry.

Real-time accounting

Disruption instead of tradition

Pay expenses with YAPEAL and submit the document with AbaClik 3. The reimbursement is made within no time at all. More information on YAPEAL: www.yapeal.ch

Or instantly reconcile your expenses with corporate credit card transactions. Cornèrcard transactions (click here for the special offer) appear in real time in AbaClik 3 and are linked to the correct document. Do you use another credit card? You can also link these expenses in AbaClik 3. The reconciliation is carried out in the Abacus Business Software.

Autonomous accounting

Manual work is eliminated

Fully integrated and without an interface directly into the Abacus Business Software or AbaNinja. With this innovation, the foundation for a revolution in credit, payment and booking processes has been laid.

Available for

expense-integration-abaninja expense-integration-abacus

An overview of your advantages

  • Automatic scanning of expenses and invoices

  • Data recognition and processing supported by artificial intelligence

  • VAT rates are recognised and amounts are correctly split

  • Independent recognition of the correct expense type

  • Real-time reconciliation of credit card transactions

  • Autonomous booking in the accounting

Rely on
modern technologies

At the same time, you can benefit from the functions provided

CHF 4.00 * monthly per user
free activation month
Entry of working times, absences and services, time sheet, employee portal 
* With a large company subscription
CHF 5.00 monthly per user
30 days free
Enter working times and services
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